Monday, July 26, 2010

Business as Usual

I first would like to apologize for neglecting (again) posting here. I have no real reason, but some of my excuses include VBS at our church, an upcoming family wedding for which I am doing the cake, and just plain old business.

OK. I realized that most places of business have hours. This is nice so you can know when to expect someone to answer the phone, when you can stop by, etc.

I have no such hours.

However, I thought I would let you know when you would be most likely to get a hold of me, and when you would definitely not. That being said, I do always check my messages, and try to return calls within 3-4 days at the most.

I do as much as I can to not work on Sundays. Yes, we can debate the actual 7th day of the week, the day of rest, blah, blah, blah. However, Sundays we go to church as a family, and it is the one day I count on my husband not being at work for any length of time. I started working when I was 17. From the beginning, I have not worked Sundays. I know I have missed out on employment because of this. I do not mind. I believe that my decision has been honored and I have been blessed for it.

So, enough of that.

My children usually nap (ha.ha.) around 1-3, so it is easier for me to answer my phone, then, or to return calls during that time.

I try very hard not to call people after 9pm, so there is a good chance I will not answer the phone after that hour.

I do not guard regularly at the pool, so I cannot give you a time you can find me there, unless it is during the hours of lessons.

I hope this has helped a little bit. I will try to get a page done on 'business hours' and have it posted to the right so you can easily find in the future. But for now....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What you can do...

If you are anything like me, you will try to figure out a way to do something for yourself, before paying somebody else to do it. I do a lot of homemade items, such as household cleaner, body scrub, bread. Not all at the same time, but I can save a good chunk of change when I want to.

I was thinking about swimming. I am incredibly blessed that I have a daughter who LOVES to swim. Teaching her has been such a joy. She will soak up anything I tell her (in regards to swimming), and just take off. I cannot describe the peace I feel knowing that I do not have to worry about her around water. Which is not to say I let her swim alone, but I don't need to watch her every second like a hawk.

This little freedom allows me to focus on my son. He is not a water bug like his sister. He loves to swim, but he needs to either be able to touch, or hold onto an adult. And splashing is a huge offense. It will not be a walk in the park to teach him, but it will be a challenge.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I think that a good deal of parents can teach their children how to swim. Maybe not at an Olympic training level, but a basic survival/able to have fun in the water level.

I have decided to try to pass along some of the tips and techniques I use for my private lessons, as well as my own children.

Please let me know if you have specific questions, and if you are finding any of my posts helpful. Feedback my not always be fun, but I am sure it can be helpful most of the time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July Session Update

Registration is closed for July.

I am still taking names & numbers for those who are interested in a fall/winter session. I am thinking towards the beginning of October, and probably 2 days a week for three weeks. It may get tweaked a bit, nothing has been set in wet sand just yet.

The plan will then be to offer an early spring session and 1 summer session.

I have loved doing this program this summer, and loved trying to provide outstanding lessons. If you have participated and would like to share your experience, please feel free to leave a comment.

While I did enjoy this summer, it has been a bit stressful and just plain crazy at times. The goal behind the three times a year session (other than the obvious), is to be able to relax between sessions, and be fully ready for the next one. I have barely had time to breathe since the sessions were so close together. But it wasn't a bad thing.... usually.

So if you have missed lessons this year, are looking for an activity during the school year, or just want your kids to learn to swim, please let me know. Send me an e-mail and tell me if you would be interested in a fall session, the early spring session, or both. I will get in touch with you, and I will also be sure to post any developments regarding future sessions.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Enjoy your freedoms & don't forget where they came from.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July is Here

I have been neglecting posts here for a while. I had a migraine get the better of me two days in a row, then I am trying to prepare for a wedding shower this weekend, and the wedding only a few weeks from now!

So, as of right now, there are NO more beginner spots. There are only a FEW intermediate places, and several advanced openings.

There is one week left until registration is closed. JULY 10 is the last day.

I will get to some comments/suggestions from this previous session in a day or two. Until then, enjoy your summer and have a great holiday weekend!